Monday, 28 February 2011

Books and covers

Went to watch Ben Folds on Saturday night and ended up eating my words.  His support act was the incredibly talented Kate Miller-Heidke, not that I believed so given her first song; a bitchy, whiny number that had me cringing.  Then she upped the ante, severely so! By the time she launched into "Caught in the crowd" I was applauding as loudly as the unwashed checkered shirt student masses.

And then to the main event.

Mr Folds was amazing as always, despite severe gremlins during the first part of the set, up to and including the keyboard of his piano needing replacing.  This did had the bonus of an impromptu drum and bass solo and an extended request section (including an instant songwriting session with lyrics provided by a Ms Twigg of the audience).

The concert was only marred by the drunken overly loud musings of a group of individuals who must have only been there to say they had been there rather than appreciating the music.  Given that I had shown gentlemanly conduct and swapped places this someone whose view had been ignorantly blocked, the effect of this boorish  foghorn damped my enjoyment only slightly but my erstwhile companion of the evening, Mr B, suffered incredibly.  Mr B is a true gentleman and an Englishman without peer and endured this without complaint, I'm ashamed to say had I been in that situation I would not have been so gracious.

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