Friday, 25 February 2011

A lesson in procrastination

Just the weekend of half-term remaining now and I've done sod all of my list of personal achievements.  What I have done though is enjoy myself, spend time with my wife and daughter and actually completely relax for a change (bar Wednesday). 

So what have I done this week?  Well, I've seen four films at the cinema, been bowling, dined out a number of times, used public transport more this week than I did all last year and moved a number of pieces of furniture.

Paul - Entertaining and amusing with plethora of nerd in-jokes, but when someone asked me what films I'd seen recently I didn't remember this one for ten minutes.  All in all, definitely worth watching but don't believe the hype.

The King's Speech - Loved this, excellent storyline and brilliantly portrayed by the lead actors. I'm not going to add more seeing as everyone and their dog are doing so elsewhere. Well worth watching though.

The Mechanic - Why?  That's all I keep asking myself. Why the hell is Jason Statham playing a watered down version of his typical role?  The one thing I love about Jason Statham films is that you know what you're getting. From 'The Transporter' through to 'Crank' the more Statham over does it the better, but with this... no. It's a limp-wristed attempt and frankly I'm shocked it didn't go straight to DVD.  Four people walked out of this film, four of about 20 in the screening and everyone else was out of there seats as the credits started to roll.  Having said all that the film wasn't too bad, if say Ben Affleck had been in the starring role I don't think I'd be so bothered, but Statham is a brand, if you're making an action film with Statham there are expectations!

Yogi Bear - Amusing but not quite sure who the target audience was, too many times the film slowed to a crawl with scenes full of dialogue and a number of children got seriously bored. My own even asking if we could "go home now" halfway through because "they're not doing anything".  In summary, don't take a three year old to watch it.

Other stuff I really enjoyed:
Mr Lilley's concluding episode in our RPG group and the demo game of Relics last night.  

Other stuff I found tedious:
Public transport to and from Mr Poppleton's and the AGM (Matters were discussed, agreed and finalised in all their monochromatic glory).

Other stuff I've done:
Built a cardboard Thunderhawk gunship for my daughter, it's about 16" long, 5" tall and has a wingspan of about 15" and also built her a cardboard killa kan.  Daddy's found a way of making cheap toys that will hopefully her away from his expensive ones!

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