Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some previous stuff - Post game report - Aliens scenario

U.S. Colonial Marines Strike Team V3-106-1C2



MISSION OBJECTIVE: Retrieve both Xenomorph eggs or eliminate Xenomorph presence 


CPL Winters - KIA.
CPL Beck - Awaiting Psych Evaluation
PFC Tuck - KIA.
PFC Chavez - Awaiting Psych Evaluation
PVT Pitt - Discharged from duty
PVT Helms - Awaiting Psych Evaluation
PVT Austin - KIA.
PVT Harrison - KIA.

Transcript of debrief: PVT D.Pitt - Specialist

[Subject has been wheeled into the interview room and his automated pain dispensor suspended for the duration. He is heavily wrapped in bandages.]

"So yeah, I made it, God only knows how. We weren't prepared for that, not in the slightest, got to say intel was absolutely top-notch."

[Subject is warned about being flippant]

"Screw you man! I've just been told they're completing my discharge papers while I'm in here with you and you expect me to give a shit? What you gonna do huh? Can't do anything worse than I'm going through now"

[Subject is given opportunity to calm down.]

"Okay, I'm...I'm sorry about that. I'm just scared you know, All I've ever wanted to be is a USC marine and I'm now I'm not anything anymore. Look at my hands, six operations and they still look like flippers. I'm a tech-specialist, my hands are my job... Anyway, that's not why you're here is it? You want to know how it went down dontcha? Gimme a second"

[Subject depresses the manuel override on his pain medication]

"Sorry, thought I'd make it through unaided but I guess not. So anyway, we touched down at the designated LZ just before dusk and hightailed it towards the 'village', Cpl Winters and I were given orders to secure a large building in the north-west corner. Almost immediately we came under fire and received permission from Sgt Hopper to go live and return fire. As we were unable to draw a clean bead on the shooter within the building, both the Cpl and I fired grenades at the window. Mine entered cleanly and silenced the shooter, but the Cpl's clipped the sill and started heading back toward us and for a second there I thought we'd had it [chuckle] fortunately it detonated before it reached us. Moving closer we determined a second shooter through the other window and took him out before he'd recovered from the blast. At this point we became aware of PFC Tuck radioing the Sgt that Pvt Austin was going live on the civilians that were still barring his way, the Sgt denied him permission but Austin's a trigger-happy psychopath and ignored orders, as far as I can gather Tuck was forced to open up in support when the civilians started panicking and it became apparent at least one of them was armed."

[Subject is asked to clarify]

"No can do I'm afraid, we were too busy with a third gunman who'd appeared on the roof of the building, the comms were just background chatter at that point. We'd really lucked out with the northwest corner! [chuckle] Anyway the Cpl told me to provide covering fire for her while she headed for the roof to take out the shooter but I think the lady must have decided to smile on us as the daft SoB leaned out to draw a bead on the Cpl giving me opportunity to shred him with a burst of full auto. While the Cpl moved to check out the next building I secured our primary target finding only the remains of the two WY gunmen. Cpl Winters gave the all clear on the next building before she hit the deck as a God Almighty boom echoed around the village, apparently the tank out there wasn't one of ours after all. [chuckle] Our new priority became the sniper hiding in the junkyard to our south, we couldn't see him so we blasted a vehicle with grenades given that was the best cover in there, must have hit him too, either with the grenade or the remains of the truck, cos he stopped shooting [chuckle]. And that's pretty much it, there were a couple of civilians trying to continue the fight using the weapons the WY gunmen had dropped but it was a culling all told."

[Subject is asked to discuss what happened in the facility. What is visible of his face immediately drains of colour and the subject asks for a drink before he continues.]

"Well...the place was cold and dark with only the emergency lighting working, so the Sgt told us to equip Flamethrowers. As he always says, if you can't see it to shoot it, blast it or roast it. We were picking up several blips from deeper within the facility and assumed a standard search pattern although Helms and Cpl Beck were delayed cos of a fault with Helms' flamer. Lucky them. We were knee-deep in trouble before we even knew what was happening. The door opposite opened and then it was like the very shadows had come alive, I've never seen anything move so fast. Before we knew it these things are ripping into Austin and Cpl Winters, the Sgt responds and that's where I started to get ugly. You see these things have acid for blood, it ate through our armour like it was nothing and then it started on my skin and...[subject stops and goes rigid]...they're dead...OH GOD THEY'RE DEAD...THEY'RE ALL DEAD...THE BIG ONE TORE HER APART IN FRONT OF ME...OH GOD TEMPERANCE!

[Subject begins to convulse. Debrief session terminated as medics arrive.]

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