Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wheels in motion

Shockingly, there is a new post!  Yep, believe it, you're reading it!

Just a couple of film reviews for now, the first draft of my gaming system will follow soon.

Rio 2D - Wow, took Diz to watch this and she was totally engrossed for the entire film. Don't think a film could get any better praise.  Wonderful graphics and I think it might have been worth paying the extra for the 3D version.  Definitely recommended.

Your Highness - Hmm, dick-jokes and titties. Wasn't that impressed with this film despite some very good writing in places, it felt like someone had recorded a D&D session by a group of 14 year olds then used it as the basis for a script.

The Fast & The Furious 5  - More fast and furious entertainment from Neal H. Moritz. Recommended if you just want to watch a sit back, switch-off and enjoy film.  Having just watched the Green Hornet Myth-busters episode, I'd love to see them test the the end action scene!  

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