Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Beginning...

Well here's the painting project:

210 Ork boyz
60 Gretchin and handlers
6 Nob Bikers
1 Warboss on bike
1 Weirdboy
1 Warboss with PowerKlaw
Deff Dread
10 Flash Gitz & Battlewagon
10 Kommandos
12 Lootas
10 Burnaboyz
6 Deffkoptas
Oh and if I get chance 2 Fightabombaz and a Mega Deffdread...

Thanks sooo very much chaps, but sarcasm aside I am a man of my word so by Christmas this little lot will be finished!

The plan is, as I laid out on the forum thread, to paint a 650pts force by the end of the first month, up this to 1200pts by the end of the second, 1500pts by the end of the third and 1750pts & 2k by the end the fourth and fifth months respectively.  Additionally everything will be three colour minimum and based by Christmas and anyone who has an equivalent force painted to the same standard by then is welcome to challenge me in a unlimited turn annihilation battle in The Garage!

Good luck chaps!

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