Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Well I suppose I ought to get started again...

...as the new arrival is a fortnight old and I did go to GIMPS last Thursday.  ;-)

I didn't fulfil my quota for this month as I only managed to complete one unit of 30 boyz and half coat a second. 

Anyway, for your perusal and marking gents:



Next month: 

I'll be finishing off the other Mob and painting up the rest of the 1200pts list... which I've changed!  The amended list is as follows:

1200 Pts - Codex: Orks Roster

2 Big Mek
   1 Big Mek - Mek's Tools; 'Eavy Armour; Bosspole; Choppa; Shokk Attack Gun  Painted (ish)
   1 Big Mek - Mek's Tools; 'Eavy Armour; Bosspole; Kustom Force Field; Burna  Painted

60 Boyz
   54 Boyz - Choppa & Slugga  27 painted, 27 undercoat (16 basecoat)
   4 Boyz - Big Shoota; Choppa & Slugga  2 painted (2 basecoat)
   2 Boyz Nob - 'Eavy Armour; Bosspole; Slugga; Power Klaw  1 painted (1 undercoat)

5 Deffkoptas
   5 Deffkoptas - Twin Linked Rokkit Launcha; Choppa  5 undercoat and dry-brushed with Tin-Bitz

15 Lootas
   12 Lootas - Deffguns  12 undercoat
   2 Mekboy - Mek's Tools; Big Shoota  1 undercoat, 1 painted
   1 Mekboy - Mek's Tools; Kustom Mega-Blasta  1 undercoat
Total Roster Cost: 1200

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com

I figured I'd get bored just painting Mobs all the time.

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