Saturday, 18 June 2011

Works in progress

 This is what I've got done so far this month...

Still got to paint the metal and fine detail the mob of boyz, hopefully manage that next week.

In the interim I've been playing with the Instamold and have managed to cast some jumppacks for the 2nd Ed Orks, so they'll become Stormboyz and I even had a crack at molding an entire model (or two).  The results are passable but it isn't something I'd want to try on a regular basis as structurally the models are very soft and it isn't really cost effective (as well as being dubiously legal).


  1. Legality is only an issue if you try to sell them. Go for your life - instamould a Battlewagon!

    Why have you set yourself such a large target? I appreciate that you've got a lot to do but surely progress would be made and you'd feel better about yourself if you simply upped your limit to two units per month. There's no rules against doing more than your target.

    I'd worry about losing motivation because of failing to meet unreachable targets.

  2. The reason I've set such a large target is that without it I'd get nothing done! Painting has been a chore for me of late and I'm trying to get myself out of that rut, its something I really enjoy but when painting I tend to zone out to exclusion of everyone else.

    So to that end, I'm trying to establish a new (for me) style of painting and learn to be happy with a quick dab of paint on everything opposed to the sea of black and grey interspersed with islands of completeness.

    You asked me why I never had a completed army, its because previously I spent an hour or more on each model... that's not really practical with Orks. ;-)