Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm going slightly mad... ever slightly mad.  So there you have it.

Had one of those days where everything has turned into a song lyric, I've been singing (in it's loosest possible term) everything from Bryan Adams to LMFAO with some decent stuff in between. Very weird!

Anyway,  I've not picked up my paint brush for over a week due to lack of sleep but I'm hoping to get at least 2 hours in later to make a slight dent in the Orks.

Speaking of which, given recent developments at the club combined with my near total disillusionment of 40k, I think I'm going to shelf them again for a little while, it's not as though it's the only army I've got to paint!
Instead I will be painting my Skaven warband and Escher gang in August ready for the Mordheim and Necromunda campaigns. Hopefully this will revitalise me enough to have another look at the Orks in September.

Edit:   No, my painting hopes were dashed equally as harshly as my lottery win.  Play online, get an email you've won, log on to find your the winner of 460...pence!  Oh, well at least I got to see Sherlock as I missed it last time round. ;-P

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  1. Ha ha! I do this all the time... Maybe its a side effect of working with kids all day...
    Though they know i'm in a good mood if they catch me at it. Getting my a'level students googling goosey goosey gander was funny...