Monday, 11 July 2011


I've lost my 'Bollocks' banner for my Nob, one of those put it down safe moments, never mind plenty more in the SM bits box.

In unrelated news, I traded valuable painting time for a game with Jim on Saturday so he could try out his DE list against the winning Ork Battlewagon list from last year.  Result: resounding victory for Jim, the only reason I caused any damage at all was his ineptitude to stay far away from me. We rounded off the evening with a bit of coaching so I doubt he'll be making that mistake again.

First drafts of the rules for Gothic Industries Manufactured Playing Systems: Skirmish are available for anyone who wants a neb,  be warned there's been a number of major changes recently so I might not have caught all the errant references. PM me for the link if you're interested.


  1. Oh well, never mind the bollox, Rich

  2. Found it! No.1 daughter had taken a shine to it and filed it under "hers". Bloody good job she can't read yet!