Thursday, 4 August 2011

August objectives.

Nice and simple this month:  Skaven Warband for Mordheim.

Those of you who came last Monday will have seen the starting point for most of these models, base-coated in browns and washed.  This week I've managed to paint the Sorcerer, a Rat Ogre, 8 giant rats and touch up the Assassin (A model I haven't painted myself but I'm using because I like it so much).

For probably the first time ever I've purity sealed the models (mainly because they're going to get a lot of use in the coming weeks) and low and behold the dreaded white mist struck.  I corrected as best as I could while the varnish was still wet but some of the detail is lost. ;-(

This is the brother of the Rat Ogre I've painted and shows what I've gone over.  I didn't use this one as the original paint job is much better and I thought I'd just end up touching up instead of painting properly.

That said, there are a number of things I'm not happy with so this one might get tidied up as a replacement if I get time.

Remaining models - 2 night runners with slings, black skaven with swords, black skaven with sword & pistol, 5 verminkin with spear and shield and 3 more giant rats.  Extras, if I get chance, will be the Escher gangers ready for Necromunda starting up again.

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