Friday, 19 August 2011

Mordhiem Battle report

Tonight was a night of brutality!  After successfully pretending to be dead, Stikum Gud found his way out of the dungeon to complete jobs 4 & 5.

Job four, at the request of Haarchit, was revenge against Kislivites who ambushed them. It also allowed him complete job 5 and reclaim the Water bridge.

In a piece of underhanded gambling worthy of any skaven, I convinced Bill to put up his Queen's Gate and sweetened the deal by offering mine [well one at least ;-)]. After we were both unceremoniously dumped from the Warhammer Quest game thanks to Bill's dirty little secret, we got going.

The game was Hidden Treasure and the Skaven got first turn.  Off the bat we charged into as many buildings as possible but none provided the elusive treasure. Bill moved up and proved equally ineffectual. At this point I realised the the problem with my list.  Bill had one less model than me, but all of his models could search and were suitably paired up for carrying if they found the chest.  My list is almost 50/50 animals, so cannot search nor carry.  Turn 2 and there were three buildings remaining, I moved into two leaving Bill with the automatic 'treasure's here' building if neither of mine could roll the necessary double six.  Bo Djit didn't, Stikum did... in the inn smack in the middle of the board.

Bill closing in on the inn effectively cutting down my options for escape, particularly with the bear stood guarding the best exit and so it's time to tie up the bear with the Giant Rats. Five rats, three making fear tests at Ld 4 and two on the Leaders Ld of 7.  I passed none.

The Rat Ogre munched down a warrior before being charged a  Fearless Youth (the Warrior that was supposed to back him up failed his Fear test).  Youth hits, roll for wounds...critical hit! Roll for critical...Master Strike!  Bill smiles as he picks up the dice to roll for injury then looks shocked as I tell him it's got 3 wounds.  Rat Ogre munches Youth. Meanwhile the much vaulted Bo Djit, Fighting claw wielding Master of the Art of Silent Death, charge the Kislevite leader and failed to do anything with 3 attacks!  Deservedly he too was critically hit but the best Bill could do was Stun him, then charge and take him out in his own phase.

Casualties: Skaven 1/12  Kislevites 2/11

Turn 4 saw Eek stunned by Handgun fire, Stikum Gud was charged by the Bear Trainer and the Leader and was critically hit going straight OOA.  Haarchit was charged by the Bear and caught up in a Bear Hug (which I've checked and doesn't automatically happen Bill!) but was only knocked down.  Skar Pa managed to fend off his foes but could do nothing in return.

Casualties:  Skaven 2/12  Kislevites 2/11

Turn five:  Things are starting to look precarious.  Haarchit bang is in combat with a bear and Skar Pa with two warriors, if they both go down then I'm looking at a rout test at Ld 4 in turn six.  Only option is to take out Bill's leader and at least one more model.  The Rat Ogre charges the remaining warrior and make mince meat out of him. Okay.  Now we're on Initiative order the Skaven are going first and Haarchit opens up with both Warplock pistols only to fail to hit. Needless to say the Bear mauls him. Skar Pa manages to take out the club wielding warrior with a critical hit but in turn is taken out himself by a Mighty Blow from a dagger.

I'm now at breaking point and relying on the rats to come up with the goods.  Three rats on the leader, 4's to hit.  Two miss.  4's to's a 6 followed by a 5 on the critical table!  The Kislevite leader goes down to a Master Strike from a giant rat.

Casualties:  Skaven 4/12 Kislevites 5/11

This proved even more important as Bill prepared to roll for his Rout test, as the Leader had been wearing a Holy Relic and would have automatically passed it.  Bill rolled 9 on Ld 7 and routed!

Game over.  The gamble had paid off and the Skaven took possession of the Watergate, meaning they now owned all three Queen's bridges and had unlocked the Unseen University!

Post game rolling revealed Skar Pa had lived up to his name and left the warband, Bo Djit suffered a broken arm and would be missing the next fight, Haarchit made a full recovery and Stikum decided he'd had enough of being scared.  Bill lost a Warrior.

The treasure chest held a measly 14gc and a sword, but Stikum claimed that for his tail.

In the Exploration phase we found 5 pieces of Warpshard and a slave who we sold for 5gc. Bill found 3 shards and a group of slaves, one of whom was former henchman who decided he'd give them another chance seeing as they'd saved his life and all.

Three heroes levelled up, Stikum and Haarchit both gaining the Lightning Reflexes skill and Eek gaining +1 BS.  We managed to scrounge up a new pair of fighting claws and a potion of Black Lotus, so hired So Ditt to replace Skar Pa and coated Stikum's blade with the venom.

Looks like the new Assassin model was a waste of money as I'll be painting up the old Deathmaster Snikch model instead...

Apologies once more for the lack of pictures but fear not faithful reader!  I'm taking the plunge after over a decade of PAYG and signing up for a contract mobile. My prize is a Samsung Galaxy Ace, so glorious 5 mega-pixel pictures will be adorning battle reports from September!

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