Sunday, 11 September 2011

Absolutely bugger all to do with painting...

For your perusal should you so wish. (Click file "Download Original")

Editable Mordheim Roster  based on the hardwork of Jorisch

Mordheim Chariot Race (including 1st draft of advanced rules)

and the Ankh-Mordheim Scenerios.

Gothic Industries Manufactured Playing Systems is undergoing a massive re-write (to point where I might actually scrap it entirely) but here it is in the last format.

GIMPS Skirmish V2.1

Zombie Scenario

The main reason I started writing the ruleset was to play any 28mm army against any other 28mm army, but apparently I'm five years too late, kind of puts a dampener on my enthusiasm.

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  1. Unless Unbridled Fury does everything you want to in a way you're happy with, I'd say that it's still worth you developing your system!