Friday, 2 September 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Chariot Race

And it's a fine day for racing here today, the sun is shining... Well it's not too dark anyway and the chariots are taking their positions on the starting line. The kislevites supernatural hut has just managed to squeeze onto the line, it's a tight space but it looks like the stewards are allowing it!

They're under starting orders...and they're off! It's a quick start for most but the Harriers newest member seems to be having problems with the Rat Ogre, no i stand corrected he's off at a savage pace and there seems to be little chance of him avoiding the brettonian!  No chance at all as he ploughs into the back of the Knight! He's looking a little dazed there...

But at the front of the pack the kislevites have taken an early lead closely followed by the vendetta's ogre powered monstrosity, the Harriers have disentagled themselves to briefly take third before being overtaken by the grail blazers. At the rear of the pack there seems to be some altercation between Stiitch's Scavengers and Pimp My Grobi and the steam chariot goes ploughing into a wall!

They're coming around the second corner now and it's Gleb's Graspers followed by Vallon's Vendetta, Haarchit's Harriers and the Grail Blazers. Onto the straight and Gleb's Graspers have a comfortable lead but here come the Harriers and there's an impact! The warrior seems completely unfazed and controls his walking hut through the shunt, taking a fearless warrior with lucky charm has paid dividends for the wily old captain! The rat ogre seems bewildered and it gives the Blazers and vendetta chance to slip past. 

Oh there's another impact! The Vendetta goes into the back of the Blazers and there's a second shunt as the Harriers slam into the Vendetta pushing them into the Blazers once more! They appear to be stuck while the Harriers push through and chase down the runaway leader.  At the rear, Stiitch's Scavengers are speeding down the straight but the Pimp my Grobi lad has lost control and he's heading straight for the wall! Ouch, that had to hurt!  The Harriers manage to manoeuvre through the gap but the Scavengers don't and its another shunt for the Vendetta and the Blazers.

As Gleb's Grasper clears the second to last corner, it's the Harriers in second and Stiitch's Scavengers in third. The Harriers seem to be setting up to ambush the hut, there's not even a hint of subtlety and I don't think the crowd are going to like it... The Graspers are away and the Harriers seem to have thought better and are following the course now. Pimp mi Grobi are steaming down the straight now and are putting pressure on the back three, but it looks like it's an easy win for the kislevites.

And the walking hut crosses the line! The kislevites made it look oh so simple! The Harriers have turned the second to last corner and are powering down toward the final corner but what's this? Vallon's Vendetta are blatantly cheating and cutting the corner! The crowd don't like it and have pelted the chariot with stones, their not going anywhere until they've recovered from that beating! And it gets worse! The noble Brettonian looks to have been taking advantage of the distraction to also cut corners but the enraged crowd have caught him! It's hard to believe but it looks like it's the skaven who are the most honourable racers after the Kislevites as the scavengers take the same route as the Harriers!

Speaking of whom they're making a break for the line but what's this? They've slowed at the line and the Vendetta are taking full advantage but have misjudged the gap and hit the Harriers!  The Skaven seem unfazed but the ogre is reeling! Speaking of Skaven the Scavengers have taken advantage of the distraction and slipped unnoticed under the bridge to challenge for a place.

At the back of field, the Pimp Mi Grobi driver has started drinking the Bugmans xxxxxx that was being used as accelerant and its effected his judgement. He's heading for the wall again and I think he's out of the race.
Back to the leaders and as the Harriers cross the line it looks like its going to be a Skaven second and third. But what's this? The not so noble Brettonian has decided to cheat again! He's hit the Scavengers and their chariots are caught up, it's given the Ogre chance to recover and Vallon's Vendetta take third. It's fourth for the Scavengers and fifth for the Brettonian.

The Knight has no honour as he tries to scupper the Harriers...
And the Witch Hunters use the distraction to attempt a blatant cheat!
2nd place goes to the Harriers and it's a fight for 3rd
Rat to Knight arse one.
We seem to be drink driving again.
This is what happens when a Rat Ogre rattles you so much you just hit the turbo to get away!
It's the Skaven in 2nd and 3rd!
You can't touch this!

Racing for 2nd place.
Doo doo do come on and do the conga...
Whip it! but turn the bloody wheel first you fool!
Poised to cheat in order to stop Bill, never got the chance!
And the Winner is... Bill!

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