Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ho ho ho

hehehe.  I've as much chance of hitting my target as a blind archer with parkinson's disease. (This is a comparison not an insult)

I've not picked up a paintbrush or airbrush all week, nor have I finished a new chapter of Tales of Woe. So what have I been doing?  Watched the parts one and two of the Matrix triliogy whilst comforting E who's just had her second lot of jabs and got into a stupid argument with someone in Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum over the Dual-wield rules in Mordheim.

Oh procrastination, how I love thee!

Sod it, I'll take my frustrations out in the Ankh-Mordheim arena later and hopefully feel a bit better.

1 comment:

  1. Lo. I've read the forum and can do a SS on the stats. Will get on it tomorrow.
    I'm really interested in having a balanced game of Mordhiem as i wasn't enjoying this campaign as I hadn't a hope of winning with the band I chose yet I chose sensibly to fit my background of warband.