Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's been a sparse month...

I love being back at work, this first half term is always the easiest...[craters could be formed from the sarcasm dripping from that comment]

So, back to the important stuff.  I got a couple of hours to myself on Thursday so I broke out the airbrush, but within seconds I realised something was up. The needle is bent, therefore the paint is defusing more than it should and is spraying way off-centre, I need a replacement but a cheap one isn't going to arrive before month end.

On the positive side, I applied sand to all my bases, except the Grotz, Flash Gitz and the Storm Boyz as all are WiP, then coaxed the airbrush into a semblance of life until it was working sufficiently well to basecoat all 120+ models with a lovely shade of Orkhide green. I even managed to apply a 2nd colour to the Shoota Boyz.

It's not pretty, but that was never intention. I'm just tired of staring at a sea of grey...or rather I was.

Theoretically I have tomorrow afternoon to blitz the rest of them but we'll have to see what the future holds.

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