Monday, 5 September 2011

September Objectives?

Well, there's...and...actually I'm not sure...

My plan for the summer was to use a couple of hours to base colour all the Orks using the spray gun, but that hasn't happened.  With that done I can concentrate on making them look somewhere near decent, without it...

So my target for this month is to base colour spray as many models as possible, starting with the 120 remaining Orks. It's hardly realistic, nor will it win me many points this month but it needs to be done.

To clarify some things about the blog last month:

'A Tail of Woe' are narratives of the battles Haarchit's Harriers are fighting in Wayne's Ankh-Mordheim Campaign, if I remember there will be photos adorning some of the future posts. (Currently have writer's block despite the fact I'm only linking actual events together)

Similarly, the Harriers were painted to represent the characters I was creating.  Stikum is an old Assassin, he's still alive because he knows his limits and those of everyone else around him, Haarchit is a younger Sorcerer hence the lighter coloured palette. Bo Djit and Skar Pa (and now So Ditt) are Black Skaven and painted to represent bad-ass ninjas, they do their job and disappear so the palette was deliberately dark, dark skin, dark clothes, muted blades.  Eek and Squeek are the youths, flamboyant and fair skinned, their clothing was an accident, Eek got the kilt because the model looked like he was wearing one and Squeek because Matt and Kieron were taking the piss about doing Paisley prints. ;-)

So yeah, target for September: 120 orks 3 coloured and based.  Should be fun!

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