Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Creeping codices?

(This was written last Friday but didn't post for some reason)

Yeah, the myth that 40k is a balanced game and doesn't suffer from codex creep has been blown well and truly out of the water...

As way of explanation, Jim came round for a game of 40k to save me some petrol money and test the effectiveness of my Weirdboy, Big Mek, 170 boyz army.  1500pts each; Orks vs Dark Eldar. Result Draw (Well what else did you expect?) but barely, 141 dead Orks for the loss of 1 Talon(?) and squad of 5 plus the completely illegal Beastmaster unit that ate two and a half units of boyz then ran away and kept running when the shoota boyz teleported within 6".

In other news, Garry and Mick came round to play-test my Mordheim rule changes; verdict? Erm... I'm on the right track with the armour, but the max 'to wound' rolls = number of attacks on profile might be a Nerf too far. Upshot is it needs more play-testing and crit chart needs a overhaul (2 wounds with armour saves doesn't work)

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