Friday, 28 October 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

As if!

I played Lee at Warhammer last night and lost catastrophically but in my defence we did make some mistakes with the rules:

1.  Frenzied models don't automatically charge any more, so my unit of cavalry wouldn't have been dragged off.

2.  Terror tests are taken as soon as a Charge is declared, regardless of if the Charging unit actually rolls high enough to reach them.

3. The Purple Prick of Xerseus must be placed in contact with the caster

4.  If a unit flees out of range and there are no other eligible units to redirect the Charging unit will make a failed charge toward the fleeing unit.

Additionally, I played nice and took Lore of Life instead of Metal and I forgot a shedload of unit special rules.

Point 3 was the most devastating.  Lee placed the small template over one end of my Saurus line and chose to send it through both units. After rolling an 8 on the artillery dice it moved 24" and passed over 61 Saurus, not good when you're making Initiative tests at I1.  54 casualties later and the game was pretty much over.

My conclusion: More practice needed - who's next?


  1. No the template only goes over the caster on a misfire bud. I did that against Will. Twasn't fun...
    What we did get wrong though was that it remains in play so it would have reeked even more havock in the next magic phases...
    And you should have taken the offer to ignore it ever happened! I wanted to see how i would do against those blocks of saurus. Die horribly probably...

    When I was playing my first games i also forgot shed loads of my own units rules. Still learning...

    Ta for game. Dont be so nice next time ;-)

  2. I spoke to one of the guys in GW and he says it does start from the caster not a random point on the field. In my opinion match should be null and void and a rematch needed :D

    my high elf legion will be soon to follow in the magical shinanigans!!

  3. Yeah rich is right. I was taught wrong (and i'm sticking to that excuse) It was his own fault I did say pretend it never happened!