Saturday, 8 October 2011

Subtle or brash?

Okay, I did a little more painting last night (not much admittedly) and realised that I'm doing the same as always, i.e. subtle shading and highlights.

Although this is my preferred style, you can't see the detail until you're up close and I fully admit that's a major problem when it comes to photography.

So its advice time:  Should I do the Orks with brash contrasting highlights and shading or stick with the subtle?


  1. Don't paint for photographs, paint for the table. Which makes them look better (for you) on the table?

  2. Don't change the style... buy a new camera!

  3. Your photos arent good enough to judge! I prefer brasher colours on orks but as Kieron says only paint for the table

  4. You have to paint to the finish you like or you can end up not being happy with the final results and this can put you of completing the project or worse not playing with the toys.