Saturday, 12 November 2011

Yet another update

Battle report will be posted once I've got to grips with battle chronicler as once again there's no pics. (bar one)

Lee invited me around for a rematch after the purple sun debacle and, as i didn't have to go in for the inset day, i took full advantage of the situation.  After dropping the girls off at work and the childminder I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at Morrison's to avoid the traffic and got to Lee's for 9:45.  It quickly became apparent that i was going to struggle as the board was unfriendly to metal miniatures but luckily we rolled dawn attack so would be setting up 12" from the centre.

I'll leave the detail for the battle report but will point out that the warriors in the photo below were destroyed and the warshrine and chaos dwarves were fleeing...


  1. I was still asleep, the dice hated me, the trees attacked me, there were big fuck off dinosaurs, the weather was bad, rich smelt, he rolled no ones ever, my hellcannon did nothing all game except move forward 4" a turn on 3d6, chaos dwarves are rubbish, screen slopes hinder knights, lore of metal v me = bad, i was distracted by a cloud and Rich cheated.
    That just about covers it :-D

  2. I tried to explain why I was playing nice by not taking Lore of Metal in our first game, you insisted... some people only learn by example. ;-D