Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hi honey, I'm home!

Well, its a new year so lets get the ball rolling again...

Targets for this month are:  5 Deffkoptas and build/paint a pink Lizardmen BB team.

Don't have a great deal of time this month due to 5 birthdays, primarily Lou's mum and mine (This soon after Christmas?  Some people are sooo selfish!) so standard of painting is liable to be lousy, but what the hell ;-)

And that's something that will continue.  Last year I set myself ridiculous targets (not just on here I'll add) and nearly broke myself trying to accomplish them, so now I'm back on the sanity pills.  This year I'm going for 3 colours and based plus bonus features if time permits.


  1. He's back! Huzzah!

    Happy New Year Rich.

  2. Excellent, good to see you back at the blogging :)

    I'm one of the selfish January birthday lot myself...

    Is the BB team going to be pink lizards or lizards wearing pink?

  3. Happy new year Gentlemen!

    The lizards will be pink with yellow trimmings as per the Army, although I've got a new laptop and Bloodbowl Legendary Edition and the Blue skin/Pink trimmings of Ichibo Lox looks pretty nifty.

    See you at Wayne's tonight.

  4. good to see you blogging again fella