Sunday, 22 January 2012

Task 1 - Complete!

For your judgement sirs, I present Ichibo Lox.

Unfortunately I won't have chance to field them this month as the fortnightly schedule has been resumed, but expect a fair number of match reports in February. (And some better pics when I can get to my painting table again)


  1. They're looking very nice! Are you likely to have a Kroxigor for them at any point?

  2. I have one! He's in the middle of the back rank with the 10 yard line on his base!

    You may also have noticed that I've gone for a more neutral Ultramarine blue on the bases as I promised Kieron I wouldn't use purple.

    Still debating what to go with for my starting line-up but think I'm going with Krox, 6 Saurus, 4 Skinks, 2 re-rolls, a cheerleader and an assistant coach though that means I'm going to be models down if I lose any to injury.

  3. Personally, I'd leave the Krox and have another re-roll and a sub. Picking up the ball is the major issue for starting Lizards, not crumping face.

    They look brilliant.

  4. Problem is I don't think I'd ever be able to afford him if I don't have him in the starting line-up, plus he has Prehensile Tail...

    The alternative I'm playing with is dropping two Saurus for three Skinks, but the 50k bonus for painted means I'll be able to buy a new Skink after the first match regardless. With regards to re-rolls, this is me we're talking about...