Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Yeah, you know that 3 colour and base thing?

Turns out I got yet another bug and clocked up another sick day, so instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself, I decided to break out the brushes and go old skool on the Deff Koptas.  They're a bit late for marking (apparently) but here's a few pics:

Anyway, it appears the camera's let me down again so next months target will be to build a light box. Lol

Hmm, actually targets for next month will probably not involve much painting at all as the School Club are really getting into my amended Mordheim rules so I need to build some more warbands quickly.

Targets for Feb will be to build:  Dwarf Warband, Undead Warband, Orc and Goblin Warband.

Bonuses will be getting any paint on them...


  1. I need to see these in real life. I'm sure this camera isn't doing them justice. Really like the Lizardmen BB team. So when are we playing?

  2. Yes you do need a better camera! I was slightly worried in the first pics of these I thought you were gonna add them to your Saurus army ;)
    Hopefully will see em in RL in about a year!

  3. @Anuerin 13th at mine if you're still coming? Got a game of WFB arranged against Mark Wilson but he's got the BB bug and wouldn't mind me playing first if he can get a game.

    @Lee as Terradons! lol

    Seriously thinking I need to build a light box as the camera works fine on everything else and I think it's just a lighting issue.