Saturday, 18 February 2012

40k at Vapnartak!

Apologies for the tardiness chaps but I bring you news of my failures at Vapnartak.

After an absurdly early start through snow covered roads and freezing fog, we made it to York for 8:15am, not bad going really.  After purchasing some Help the Heroes dice and finding out the cafe didn't open until 8:30, Will, Jim and I decided to get registration out of the way.  

By 9:15 we were still waiting for late arrivals before we could start the first game, but had taken the opportunity to get sausage sarnies and mooch around while the traders set up. Finally and much later than advertised we were able to start the first game, my opponent played Space Marines; plasma cannon dreadnought, scout snipers with missile launcher and Telion, Techmarine with Thunderfire Cannon, a second techmarine, 4 scout bikers, 10 man SM squad in Drop pod and Cassius.

I suppose I ought to explain my force; 3 units of 28 slugga boyz including Nobz with Powerklaw and bosspole, 10 gretchin with herder, 5 Deffkoptas with t/l rokkits and a Big Mek with Kustom Forcefield and a burna.
This was the end of turn one, a great run roll, a mediocre one and a one inch shuffle.  My opponent landed his  drop-pod on the mound near my foremost Orks and opened up with the shooting causing 4 wounds with a flamer and 7 wounds from which I got a 5+ cover save...
 Yeah, my rolling was up to it's usual standard.  My turn two and I Waargh'd to get two units into combat with the tactical squad and Cassius, see that unit in the pic above? Well they moved off that objective to go and claim the objective in the bushes.  Deff-koptas showed up and toasted the Thunderfire Cannon, but I misjudged my distance in an effort to prevent the Dreadnought from counter-charging and couldn't assault the Techmarine.  Dice misfortune struck again in close combat as the Nob hit Cassius three times with his PowerKlaw only to roll...
 At this point my opponent asked for a toilet break and like a muppet I said okay.  By the time he returned time was called and we had to finish the current turn, this meant I held one objective with a unit of Gretchin and was trapped in no-man's land between two others. His scout bikes turned up exactly where he needed them to and decimated the Gretchin. So despite gaining bonus points for killing his HQ and most expensive unit, I was robbed of even a draw by poor sportsmanship.  Unfortunately, we weren't marking on that.

Here's a couple of pics post second game of my force set out for judging, I was brooding over being cheated so my brain wasn't in gear hence why I was tabled and didn't take any photos.  My opponent was very good and I think I would have lost anyway, but bringing my third unit onto the table along the right flank meant my forces were spread across the table and he could easily take me apart piecemeal. On a side note that SM army is painted, as JP noted, it looked as if he had gone to a lot of trouble to make it look like it was straight off the sprue.

 Game three was an Ork on Ork my house, your house battle against Will.  I won by claiming both objectives, but it wasn't really that surprising based on the lists.  Will put everything onto his left flank in an effort to draw in my forces but I tied them up with two units of boyz and easily carried the game.

Last game and I was up against Orks again, my Slugga boyz vs his Shoota Boyz with Old Zorgwort.  A very enjoyable game, despite being blinded by the setting sun.  Very, very close game that came down to a single leadership test on 4.  Gil failed the first one but passed the second with a Bosspole re-roll, I lost 3-1 because of that and had failed to take out his HQ.  To add insult to injury the bloody DeffKoptas completely failed to show up granting him an extra point for most expensive unit.  All they had had to do was turn up and mop up two units of 10 grots to secure me victory.  Oh well...

At least I didn't get the wooden spoon, that honour went to Will. ;-)


  1. Will is far far far to nice to be allowed into a tournament. Looks like you had fun apart from the Dickhead. unfortunately the Buggers always show up just remember he's going to Hell and chill:-)

  2. I don't's a damn fine spoon after all!