Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ichibo Lox vs The Blue Nuns

Well guess who forgot to take pictures and hasn't had time to do a match report?

Anyway, Ichibo Lox debuted against the current league leaders and received a whopping 400k in inducements. After much wrangling I decided to take 2 skink mercenaries and 2 extra re-rolls, but I should have taken 3 re-rolls and 1 mercenary.

Pre-game the dice were with me, I won the fame roll and the toss so set up to receive.

Then things went wrong. Kick off table was changing weather and the rain came down. By turn 4 I had picked up the ball once and burnt all 4 re-rolls to do so and then failed the go for it to get the ball carrier safely into a cage. The dropped ball lands in between three nuns, Gary makes it for then fumbled the pick up.

Turn 5 and I attempt something daring and send in a skink to dodge, dodge, pick up on 6, dodge again and pass. Managed the dodge, dodge and pick up then fell over on the next dodge. Gary capitalised and picked up the ball, scoring pretty much unmolested at the end of turn 6.

Set up again with 2 turns left to score an equaliser, rolled changing weather again and we were back to perfect bb weather. Turn 7 started well the skink picked up the ball and was safely tucked into a cage in the nuns half, but unfortunately we were 11 squares from the end zone. All I needed to do was sneak the remaining 2 skinks through the Nuns defence safe in the knowledge he could only take out one and then I'd be able to attempt a pass into the endzone. 

It didn't happen. The first to attempt it managed to skip through the first two dodges but stumbled and that was pretty much the end of the first half.

Second half saw the ball stay on the touchline as neither the nuns or Ichibo Lox could pick up the ball. Several touchdown plays were thwarted by a fumbled ball, until weight of numbers for the nuns proved too much and they killed a skink (not one of the mercenaries either!) before pushing forward for a second touchdown. Sensing the inevitable, I ganged up on one of the nuns for a 3 dice block and rolled... a triple pushback.

Final turn and I managed to push back every possible nun, before picking up the ball and making a quick pass for 1spp.

One of the saurus managed to pick up the MVP and I got the bonus 50k for fielding a painted team, so could afford the skink who was supposed to give me a reserve and ended up replacing poor number 10.

Note to self: Don't play experienced Blodge teams for your first game.

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