Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ichibo Lox vs Orkchesthair utd

Second game and it started well, won the Fame roll and the toss again turn 6 and I was 1-0 up! Not caused a single casualty but what the hell none of my players were out either. Second half and it was still looking promising as I held the line against the orcs, but then Mark formed a cage around one of my skinks and I realised I was in trouble. Throwing another skink into the mix, I managed to risk a two dice block against his ball carrier with mark choosing the result. Defender down and ... a push back, at least he was now against the sideline. Mark's rebuttal was both brutal and decidedly lucky as he took out all four skinks (killing number 10) and a saurus. With the saurus and kroxigor locked in a scrum, Mark was able to time waste until stepping over the line at the end of the second half.

Orchesthair utd 1 - Ichibo Lox 1
1-0 on casualties.

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