Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ichibo Lox vs ...

New Ordain Sinners.  Lots of KO's left the Lox looking ropey but they managed to score an equaliser before half time, (it didn't help that I fell for the same trick twice and had a Saurus go crowd surfing from the frenzied Wytch. By the end of the second half, all the skinks were KO'd and it was all over.  Final result 1-3 TD and 3-3 for casualties.

The Greatest Pretenders.  Severely disappointed not to walk away with the win for this one as Dan was fielding exactly 11 players and by the end of the first half three of them were in the casualty box.  Dice rolling was pretty average for both of us and I was enjoying myself so I just ran the TD in opposed to time wasting.  My defence was great and I forced Dan to make several Dodge rolls to achieve anything.  Then came the second half and Dan was receiving. He made a break into my half and danced through several tackle zones to set up a cage, then he tried to Dodge from the Krox and, with prehensile tail and no re-rolls working against him, fell over.  This freed up the Krox to move and cancel out the assisting tackle zones, a Dodge let me move a Skink to assist, then a double dodge and blitz from a second skink laid out the Ball carrier, stunning him in the process.  The ball bounced and the Krox caught it on a 6!  Turn 12 and a couple of blocks freed up the Krox to carry the ball into an open cage. Not wanting to take any risks I played turn 13 with very few blocks and moved the Krox into striking distance of a Touchdown.  The Elves threw everything in a desperate effort to stall the advance and succeeded in getting two blockers in base contact with the Saurus. By the end of my turn 14 they were still in base contact and I decided to risk hitting them with the Krox, it's a two dice block and I only needed a pushback... Double block...Oops!  Krox falls down, a saurus and a skink fail to catch the ball and it lands in the only square with an opposing tackle zone in it.  Turn 15 and the Elves have made little impression and a skink is close enough to get up, move to pick up the ball and score with a single dodge and go for it, all I had to do was push the Elf away.  Two dice block with a Saurus and... Double Block dice...saurus falls down.  Turn 16 exactly the same situation though this time I need to blitz with the Saurus, no probs.  Up he gets and blitzes for a two dice block and yet again I roll double block!  The game ends TD 1-1 Cas 4-1.  The only upside was 3 of the Saurus managed to skill up so now have Block!

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