Friday, 24 February 2012

The last will and testament of Jonah Night.

My dear friends,

I have lived a long and fulfilling life and it is at the end that I recall my adventures with you all. You are the ones I trust most and of whom I must ask a final boon, but not one without reward should you choose to accept the stipulations.

Lewis, thank you for sharing my formative years. To you, I bequeath my research and artifacts to use or dispose of as you will.

My dear Lord Thyme, yes that is correct.  To you, I return the peerage and estates that I so distastefully acquired two decades ago.

Alexander, for years you have insisted that you owed me your life.  That once did not in anyway balance out the multitude of rescues you passed off as merely 'doing your duty'. To you I leave the contents of my bank account, i believe it to be somewhere in the region of forty thousand pounds.

My lawyer, Edward Aithmile, will accompany you to ensure my wishes are carried out.

Now to the crux of the matter.  I have almost completed my research and will shortly be attempting to bind a temporal daemon to the physical world. To accomplish this I will need to enact the summoning ritual and place Thyme Hall out of syncronisation with the natural world, once this is achieved I will bind the daemon to a physical form and shape its thoughts to that of a human. The downside is that once in corporal form, the daemonic energies will shape reality around the being and it will be as if it had always existed.  I know I will not be immune to the daemon's power, in fact I am relying on that as the beast will still have the ability to read minds albiet unconsciously and if it were to procure the knowledge of its true nature before the binding is complete it will rebel and all will be lost.

Gentlemen to you I ask for stewardship of one Ria Dansett, the name I have given to this construct. After a period of  sixty days the binding will be complete and you will be free to claim your reward, as for Ms Dansett she will be gifted to certain government officials who will benefit from her precognitive abilities.

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