Sunday, 19 February 2012

Okay, so my dice are only crap when it matters

Been playing some friendly games of Bloodbowl, not with Ichibo Lox but with some starting teams.  On 13th I restarted Anfrax's Anarkists who romped home to a TD 2-0 Cas1-1 victory against Mark4458 Dwarfs and then obliterated Jimbo's starting Lizard team TD 3-0 Cas 4-1.

Same today at Warhammer World, brand new Lizard team obliterated a starting Orc team TD 3-0 Cas 2-0.  Okay, so Jack was inexperienced but after a disastrous first four turns (couldn't pick up the ball on a 3+, then failed a go for it) I romped home.

More tales of woe coming soon.


  1. In terms of Blood Bowl, it's not you dice that cause you problems. Everyone has apocryphal tales of woe as BB is a game which is so well balanced (mainly) that a single dice roll can change the outcome.

    Where I've seen you have trouble is that you roll too many dice and often in the wrong order. If a block or dodge isn't necessary, do not do it until after you've done the important stuff. Also, plan you strategy not on what can be done but on what can be done by rolling the fewest dice with the best odds. Playing risky can work out if the dice are kind, but it's not a reliable approach. Play boring.

  2. I've actually took your advice onboard this year and am rolling as few dice as possible. As a result I'm doing better, but when you can only manage a pushback on a three dice block or fall down 80% of the time when you do a single go for it...

  3. You're focussing on a single dice roll too much. In my last game I ended up drawing rather than winning due to a failed two dice block with a reroll and strip ball. It happens, but your dice are no more or less lucky than anyone else's, your opponent's dice will mirror yours a different points in the game. Analyze what is really going wrong. For example I should not have been relying on my blitzer to stop the drive alone and should have defended deeper, the dice did what dice do and I was punished.

    In my experience there's no such thing as luck. :)