Thursday, 8 March 2012

I suppose I ought to post the other results...

A couple of half finished games on the 23rd Feb saw a pummelling for Da Proppers and a draw for being a nice guy.  So to the details;

Slaanesh 69'ers 2-0 Da Proppers (5-1 to the 69'ers on casualties with Pound the Minotaur inflicting 4 of those!), please don't make me recall the pain.  One skilled blitzer dead and a couple more missing the next game mean that Da Proppers TV for their next game is a measly 1,100,000, for a pro team!  As much fun as they've been, Da Proppers are getting retired after this season. ;-(

Concluding my second half finished game of the evening, Ichibo Lox played Ostermark Marvels to yet another draw.

TD: Ichibo Lox 2 - Ostermark Marvels 2
Cas: Ichibo Lox 0 - Ostermark Marvels 1

First half was pretty basic, the skinks running a simple ball in on turn 4.  Dan threw a hell of a lot of dice, pretty much like me last year, risking one dice and two dice against me.  Unlike me he had more successes than failures and managed to punch a hole through the centre to and ran in an equaliser.  A fumbled pass in turn 8 buggered up my chances of taking a 2-1 lead into the second half.  

Speaking of which, the skinks skipped the ball into Dan's half and set up a loose cage early in the second half but being nice again I only time-wasted a little, leaving Dan three turns to score an equaliser. Big mistake as he put one of my Saurus out of the next game from a one dice block, then I compounded the mistake by advising him to Hand off the ball to his thrower instead of trying to Dodge out, he was successful and Long Passed the ball well into my half. Two skinks tried to stop this push but only managed a double pushback. Number 9 went down in Dan's turn 15 allowing the ball carrier to get with two squares of the touchline, but was able to Jump Up in my turn and Dodge out to complete a two dice blitz. Double Pushback again. Didn't follow up and moved one square to make sure he had to Dodge to get the TD. Dan's was shaking as he picked up the dice, 3+ and it would be a draw, 1 or 2 and it would be all over. He rolled a 5.  

Good game although I was annoyed not to cause a single casualty as I counted 6 stunned results in the second half alone!

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