Monday, 19 March 2012

Ichibo lox vs just ain't cricket

Turn 2- kroxigor is ko'd and a saurus has been badly hurt.

Turn 4- Touchdown! number 11 lixhol makes an easy dodge and runs in the ball.  Kroqilua returns to the sub bench looked severely pissed off. Kick off to will and I get blitz!

Turn 5- Touchdown! The blitz let me get in range and I managed to complete an accurate pass for a one turn touchdown.

Turn 8- Touchdown! Mazdahex successfully picks up the ball and manages a double gfi to score!

Second half and after a scuffle in the middle, Will gets close to scoring in turn 3 but I manage to get two skinks on the goblin and push him back to the sideline with a gfi blitz. Adding two more skinks gives the goblin little choice but to risk the dodges. He fails the first and the ball bounces into the waiting hands of a skink.

Turn 3 and a hand-off, pass action gives me opportunity to score again, but I stand on the touch line to give the kroxigor chance to earn his desperately needed 2spp but he fluffs it.

Turn 4 and it's Touchdown! 4-0 to Ichibo Lox.

As we're setting up for Turn 5, I advise Will to drop the troll flings goblin for TD strategy and try something more traditional. It works and Will manages to make a gap then fails to exploit it as he fumbles the hand off.

With the ball on the floor but most of my skinks either to far forward or in tackle zones I risk a blitz with the kroxigor, guaranteed because I've actually asked him to do something he gets bone head, risking the re-roll on a loner, I roll a four and a 3 so its a two dice block against a black orc.  The Kroxigor hits him for a double defender down, then rolls a double 6 for armour penetration and a 5...3 even with mighty blow it's only enough to KO him.

Will's turn 7 and the desperation is kicking in. A blitzer manages to pick up the ball and gfi twice to get himself 10 squares away from the closest free skink, he then places two models to create tackle zones. My turn 7 and the Kroxigor passes it's bonehead roll and moves to intercept the obstructing orcs, the saurus with him be does a quick square count and to go around the tackle zones is eight squares, not enough to pull of the blitz but enough to force a dodge. Both gfi rolls are successful and the trap is set, unfortunately I was unable to capitalise as the skink I was moving to assist fails its first gfi roll and ends up knocking himself out.

Turn 8- Will just needs a 3+ to grab a consolation TD, the die rolls a 1, and barring my foolish attempt to pick up the ball with a saurus, its all over.

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