Monday, 2 April 2012

Ichibo lox vs Prozac Prolapse (Its taken 4 days to write this, sorry)

It was sheets of snow and ice as a Blizzard swept in just before the game started, but Prozac Prolapse win the toss and still elect to receive despite being reduced to the short game.  The ball lands fairly deep but Jon benefits from a quick snap to pull his front rank out of danger, then easily picks up the ball and forms a cage.  A blitz action opens up my right flank and two elves dart through to take up position within a GFI of the touchline.

My turn and I punch a hole through Jon's line but this costs me my blitz action and all I can do is surround the ball carrier and the elves in my half with tackle-zones.

Jon manages to block and pushback the Skink putting a tackle-zone directly on the ball carrier, my fault for misunderstanding the Dauntless rule, then declared a Blitz with his ball carrier on the other Skink blocking his path before realising that it would mean he'd need a GFI to get clear.  He changed his mind and elected to do what Elves do best (apparently), two dodges got him clear to hand off to another elf in two tackle-zones that promptly did the same double dodge trick to escape and run around my line, pulling off another two dodges (though the team reroll was required for the second) and passing to his 'Nerves of Steel' catcher who didn't care about being in three tackle zones.  Successfully catching the ball, she skips through the tackle zones and risks a GFI to score.  0-1.

Changing weather marks the start of the next drive and from a blizzard it turns into a glorious day for Bloodbowl.  Ichibo Lox find out what a difference a point of armour makes as they pummel three elves to the floor and injure another (yes really!) and set up for a drive down the left, Jon moves to counter by setting up a ton of potential blocks with his swift moving elves so Turn 3 I use the Skink's speed to switch to the right flank. Jon also switches but I try to use the Saurus to hem them in, so for his turn 4 he's committed to that side.  I sneak a Skink to nine squares from the Touchline on the left flank and skip over to hand off the ball. Jon manages to get a blitz on the ball carrier and the ball is dropped but lands in an empty square.  I then get a  break as one of Jon's linesmen tries to dodge away from the Kroxigor and falls prey to the Prehensile Tail.  With the skink on the floor having Jump Up, I know I can get a touchdown next turn but I try to be greedy.  Several blocks bounce a catcher onto the ball and it scatters next to my downed skink, but try as I just can't free him from tacklezones, oh well I tried everything else.  Jump up, Dodge out on 3+... successful, pick up the ball on a 3+... yup!  Run down to the touchline and risk a GFI... Touchdown turn 5!  (Yeah, I forgot to take a photo)

Set up again and kick to Jon, Brilliant Coaching nets me another re-roll and I try to minimise the mistakes I made last time by leaving the Skinks free to engage breakthrough artists but it's only partially successful.  I managed to get the Kroxigor to do as he was told and set him up to apply his Prehensile Tail onto the elves.  The elves seemed to be aware of the tail though and hop and skip through into my half.  I move all the skinks onto the two catchers but only manage a pushback on one.  Jon's turn 8 and he Dodges out the ball carrier, hands off to a lines man and I'm getting Deja Vu.  Yup, pass action that I fail to intercept and Jon needs a 3+ to throw it accurately, its a 5 so no worries, now for the 4 tackle zones, I smile...Jon tells me she's the one who has Nerves of Steel...I stop smiling...Caught!  Dodge on a 4+ required, 6!  Dodge on a 2+, 3!  Single GFI and he scores in turn 8.

Set up for my turn 8, Jon puts the sacrificial three linesmen on the touchline then everyone else on the Touchline, rolls for Kick off and its a Riot! My fans are getting restless, but it causes the clock to go forward and I lose my chance to mangle the linesmen.

Start of the second half and I'm receiving. I get a Quick Snap and push forward with a quick hand-off, pass action but leave the ball carrier insufficiently supported,  the skink goes down and the ball bounces to the floor a thrower scoops up the ball and dodges out of two tackle zones to pass the ball over to the player on the right flank.  My turn 2 and I start by Blitzing the ball carrier, the ball bounces out of bounds and I get lucky as the ball is thrown back on lands next to Jon's touchline.  The Kroxigor doesn't get bonehead and pushes back the catcher allowing the Skink free rein to attempt to pick up the ball and GFI to score.  He manages both and its 2-2 in the second turn of the second half.

Set up again and get a Blitz action.  With the ball landing one place behind the central elf I clear a gap and risk running around to attempt to catch it. Unfortunately, the ball bounces to no.8 who was placed behind the catching skink to protect him and he's promptly ko'd. I repay Jon by stunning two of his elves and picking up the ball to run it down the right flank.  Supposedly loosely caged, Jon applies cancelling out players on my supporting skinks before pulling off a 3 dodge blitz, skink down! The ball bounces but Jon has sufficient movement to scoop up the ball and move the blitzer into a two-sided cage.  My turn 4 and a blitz with a Saurus puts the elf carrying the ball onto the floor, the ball bounces onto a downed skink and then onto the empty square next to him.  A quick check and yes, it's number 9! Jump Up, pick up the ball and run it in to make it 3-2 to Ichibo Lox at the end of turn 4!

Well that was a briefly enjoyed lead!  Jon scores in his turn 5 making it 3-3 with yet another "Seriously?", we're the Elves and we scoff at your tackle-zones, 7 dodge, quick pass and hand-off in several tackle-zone plays.  I hate elves...

Anyway, its obvious the home fans are really upset by this as yet another Riot pushes the game straight into turn 7. With only two turns left Jon and I agree that it ain't gonna be no damn draw!

So here we go, I punch a hole through the middle and send No.9 with Jump Up to within scoring range, he's followed by No. 8 of the Dauntless Block fame and then I pick up the ball and run the skink up the centre next to the Kroxigor, at this point I realise I forgot to declare a "Pass Action", Jon lets me off and lets me attempt the throw. I should have known better... The ball's fumbled and lands on a downed elf, scatters again and ends up one square from a elf thrower.

Jon dodges a catcher into my half and then pulls off the dodges required to pick up the ball and get it safely into the hands of a thrower who proceeds to accurately pass it to the Catcher, he then fails a block and suffers a turn over.

Okay, its the last turn.  I've got a skink 4 squares from the catcher, so if I can put down the Catcher there's a good chance I can pull off a hand-off and pass action to score.  All I need is to push the elf applying tackle zones on two Saurus with one of them then Blitz the catcher with the other, neither Saurus have Block but both rolls are two dicers and I just need a push-back with the first one...

Yeah, double block dice, somehow that hurts worse than just getting double skulls.  Unopposed, Jon runs the ball in to win 4-3.

I'm ashamed to say I sulked because I'd gotten myself into a position where I was reliant on the dice to pull off a draw and can only apologise to Jon for any unsporting behaviour.  It was a brilliant game with plenty of highs and lows and there was a slight silver lining! I managed to win 5-0 on casualties including one by the Kroxigor, so he's finally levelled up and has now has Break Tackle.  One of the Block skilled Saurus managed to get another skill so I decided to make him Frenzied for the laugh and yet another skink earns Jump Up.

Well that's the end of the League and Ichibo Lox placed sixth so we're into the play-offs, but not the Chumpions League.  Here's how we ended our first season:

Barring any serious mishaps in the play-offs, they will be back in the premiership next year!

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