Friday, 2 March 2012

Slightly out of order, but I've already typed this once...

Date game played: 1st March
Winning team name: Ichibo Lox
Winning team TDs: 4
Winning team casualties: 0
Losing team name: Bill's Slann
Losing team TDs: 3
Losing team casualties: 1

In a game that would have been better entitled "Hey, what's the probability of that?" Bill took an early lead after a first turn riot and showed me how slippery the Slann can be by scoring in turn 3.

After a failed "go for it" produced the first re-rolled double 1 of the game and stopped me from capitalising on the Quick Snap I got the opportunity to repay the favour by completing a pass into the end zone in turn 4.

Bill positioned his Catchers brilliantly for a hand-off, Short Pass completion to slip another in on Turn 6, despite causing a turnover in Turn 5 by re-rolling double 1 to dodge.

In Turn 8 I failed to capitalise and threw away the equaliser by not throwing a block at the only Slann with a tackle zone on my ball-carrier and tried to Dodge out instead, all because I stupidly thought the Saurus didn't have block and didn't want to risk a turnover. Another double 1 failed re-roll to dodge ended that idea!

Second half and Ichibo Lox receive, break an opening though the centre and score the equaliser in turn 11.

Bill's turn 11 sees my kick off scatter into the end zone then bounce to land just outside the and next to the side line, Bill sets up a wide cage but doesn't attempt to pick up the ball.  Turn 12 sees Ichibo Lox get within striking distance of the ball and endzone and hammer a couple of Slann to the floor but only stun them.  Bill attempts to pick up the ball and knocks it into the crowd, the throw-in lands it back next to the catcher who failed to pick it up.  A one dice block from a skink pushes a Slann back and Saurus No.5 is freed up to blitz with a Go for it... Passed on a 2 and the subsequent 2 dice block flattens the Catcher,  a dodge out from skink no. 10 frees him to pick up the ball and run it in for 3-2.

Bill's turns 13-14 are a lesson on how the Slann work if the dice are with them and a failed interception gave the Slann the equaliser.

My last push and I have two skinks within striking distance and they're both marked.  A blitz by No.6 frees up the first and he's handed the ball after a dodge and Go for It by no.13 but the team re-roll is burnt in the process. Then came the dangerous bit.  Number 9 steps into one tackle zone and risks dodging into into two, not that its a problem because he's stunty.  The dice rolls and while it's still spinning Bill says he's got diving tackle,  the 3 I was looking for appears but it's no longer enough.  I'm committed now so with trepidation I pick up the dice for the re-roll and let it drop, it bounces once, twice, three times and ends up on a 5, it's enough!  No.9 dodges again and easily breaks free to run the ball in for his second TD.  Bill set up for his last turn and managed a completion before the game ended.

The number of turnovers that were caused by failed double 1 re-rolls was ridiculous (I think I counted 5 and a failure on a double 2), but I lucked out with the kick-off table in the second half earning 3 bonus re-rolls from two cheering fans and a brilliant coaching and actually finished the game with one unused.  I've got to admit the game would have been stressful if we hadn't played it so relaxed, instead it was just very enjoyable.

Cheers Bill!

P.s as a bonus you can even have a crappy phone pic of the start of the second half:


  1. Nice one! Equal halves of bad luck and good luck make average luck hey?