Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dodgy daemons and derelict dice

Jim asked if I could take a look at his broken Lord of Change model. So about 7ish he arrived and presented me with the model, the finecast model that is supported on one leg, the leg Jim had broken or more accurately snapped off...

This was my first real experience with finecast and there are definite pros and cons with the stuff, the main issue is that the pros ARE the cons!

Finecast is easy to reposition, this its what Jim was trying to do when he snapped the leg, he just forgot to warm it up first.  Stick the piece in a bowl of recently boiled water and pretty soon its floppy and malleable, scarily so. There were a couple of times where I thought I was going to cause irreparable deformation, but I soon got the hang of it and in quick order a wing was repositioned and the leg aligned.

Finecast is soft and easy to drill into, its also very flexible and wobbles like a chuff making the actual drilling a perilous proposition.

So after interruptions, (getting the girls into bed and fixing my pin vice) I had finished the repair job on the leg and stabilised the model by pinning the staff to the base and magnetising the staff arm so that it can be removed. 

By 10pm we were ready for another daemon on daemon rematch and my modified Tzeentch list made a dent in Jim's list before succumbing to the 'we can't die, cos we're within 6" of the Fateweaver' bastard units in turns 6 and 7. Game was a draw with us both holding one objective, but Jim won on Vp because I couldn't kill enough thanks to his Weaving of the Fates.

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