Friday, 13 April 2012

Plans went awry...

Well, I managed to build the frame to support the boards (ish, made a schoolboy error but its a quick fix), then played Jimbo at 40k instead of doing any work on the boards.

Last time we played I bigged up my Tzeentch Daemons then lost massively, in some part due to the dice, but in the main because I'd FUBAR'd my list.  Today we played a rematch, Daemon Undivided vs Pure Tzeentch and I got the list right!  Three units of four Flamers are absolutely devastating, everything else is just icing! Game ended as a draw, (no surprise really) but I'd kept Jim on the defensive for the entire game and pipped him in the VP's by a 100 or so points, so I'm claiming the moral victory. lol

The main things I took from today was that 40k can still be an enjoyable game and that if I concentrate I can still write awesome lists.

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