Saturday, 28 April 2012

Round-up for the month

With a hectic social calendar impinging on my time (my daughter's, I don't have one) I thought I'd best do a round-up before we hit month end.

Gaming-wise, I was knocked out of the BB play-offs by Dan Atherton (just realised I never wrote that report, oh well) and I've played three games of 40k with the Tzeentch Daemon list.  Drew against Jim's Daemons and Dan's IG, but lost massively against Dark Eldar as having loads of models with decent toughness means shag-all when you're facing 20+ poisoned shooting attacks that wound on 4+.

I've had another month of failing to put paintbrush to model, but I did manage to make headway on the Mordheim board, add wings to a Daemon Prince and repair Jimbo's Lord of Change.Regarding the Mordheim boards, two have the stone patterning around the edge finished and have been sealed and I've just about managed to finish that one road section.

Speaking of which, I've made a massive mistake there and as it's going to be extremely time-consuming my target for next month will be to make some buildings and get the table playable at least.  Lee has helped in this regard by kindly donating a castle model he's never completed, so I have a couple of city wall sections and a garrison for the middle of the board that I intend to convert into a watch-house (it is Ankh-Mordheim after all)

With the arrival of my new airbrush I might even be able to add some paint...

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