Friday, 11 May 2012

Played a little Relics

while I was waiting for Paul Lucey to wipe the floor with Jimbo.  It was only my second outing with rules and my first proper game...

Only having the starter sets meant Dan and I were limited to playing a shooty / smashy game without command or magic, but Gav was kind enough to recommend playing it a little ad-hoc.

I'm not going to go into a blow by blow account as there's little point, (and there was a hell of a lot of referencing!) but the game worked well and the only niggle we had was the epic last man standing between a Vambrae and a Grenadier.  Neither Dan or I could roll the requisite double and it was getting to the point where we were about to say sod it when I rolled a double 3, with Dan failing his dodge I won!

Second game saw Lucey taking on his second Daemon army of the evening, in particular my fluffy Tzeentch.  After the roasting he gave Jimbo I was determined to at least hang on as long, sadly it was not to be.  After an impressive start that scared the bejesus out of Paul, deep-striking Breath of Chaos flamers, princes and lords that resolutely refused to scatter and torched every single chimera and wiped out half a terminator squad, the dice abandoned me as per usual.  By the end of turn 6 I'd been tabled, but I had proved my point; Breath of Chaos is probably one of the dirtiest weapons in the entire system.

Right, I'll try to make this the last Sans pictures post for the month.

P.S. A shout out to Mark Wilson who defeated Gary in the BB semi-final and progresses to meet Dan Atherton in the final in two weeks time.  Speaking of Bloodbowl, I've decided to go to Toy Soldier this year to play BB, according to Dan A this should be an experience as a lot of the top tier BB players will be in attendance and I will also need a cup.


  1. Stop blaming dice! They were clearly running for you early on. What comes around goes around.

    Man up and admit you were beaten. :)

  2. Not particularly, I'm just used to overcompensating early on. Everything fell in the one turn I couldn't shut down Paul's vehicles, prior to that I was breaking even with the saves. Highlight was torching Cortez, his budgie and his bloody entourage, then moping him up with a combined Lord of Change & Flamers assault. Wasn't much chance of winning as Cortez made pretty much everything in Paul's army a troop choice.

  3. Meant to add it was just a demo to prove to Jim how devastating Breath of Chaos is.