Monday, 14 May 2012

Tenuous promise keeping

I know I promised no more posts without pics, but I just wanted to mention a change in my painting technique. (Oh, shock-horror! Rich has changed something again...)

Anyway, I've spent the weekend practising with a wet palette and I really like the results.

Firstly, the paint stays wet. Obvious really, but it was great being able to mix a colour and be able to take breaks without fear of it drying out, it even lasted over night!

Secondly, you can stretch out the paint to get the consistency you need just by dragging it along the paper, I can't begin to extol how useful this is.

Well, the next challenge it the hardest,  the Britanan are animated rag-dolls in Napoleonic era British uniform. Lots of blending, highlighting and picking out stitching...

Obligatory promise keeping pic:
I got this from The Range for £2.49 along with a new 0000 brush, best £5 I've spent in a while.

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