Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Well at least its not the 11th hour...

Target change!  My Relics models have arrived so need putting together and giving a lick of paint.  I so enjoy having a budget where I can occasionally blow £70 and not have to worry about it. Lol.

Order-wise I went for the three starter cans and a hard copy of the rulebook.  The cans are a nice gimmick but as they're ring-pull they're useless afterwards, now if they'd have been tins...

Model-wise this amounts to:

3 Vaettir Varriers, 4 Vaettir Varbres, 1 Vaettir Vstonin, 9 Britanan Troopers, 3 Britanan Grenadier, 2 Britanan Dragoon, 3 Orcnar Unmann, 1 Orcnar Eotan and 2 Orcnar Docga.

Now I just have to paint one set by the 18th to be in with a chance of winning the new Nuem. ;-)

Does this count as getting them ready for entering a competition and therefore can't claim them towards this months output?  

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