Monday, 18 June 2012

New WFB campaign

The following blog contains no pics, indeed it has absolutely bugger all pictorial content as my phone battery was nearly exhausted. Sorry.

I wasn't sure if Lee was in any condition to remember what happened last Thursday, but he managed a pretty good report in the end. :shock:

Anyway, since I was going to write a battle report and no longer need to, I'll have a whinge instead... There are too many contradictory special rules in GW systems!

Case point 1: The Hellcannon.

It caused us no end of strife for what it classifies as and it was only after researching it post game I discovered the bloody thing is a 'monster with handlers' that just happens to fire like a stone thrower! What does this mean? The Hellcannon has three bloody useless Chaos Dwarfs that can't take part in combat and are only there to prevent the sodding thing from having to roll on the Monster Reaction table. Speaking of which I'm still unclear if it continues to roll for going mental if it rolled "Grrr" on the reaction table...

Case point 2: Spell Casting and the Winds of Magic.

The bloody magic section is at the front of the book, the spells are in the reference section at the back. This is leading to a lot of confusion. Twice on Thursday Lee rolled no more than three on the Winds of Magic and said it was the end of the magic phase, I couldn't (and still can't) find any reference to this in the rules though there is the "under 3" rule but that's when casting! The third point comes under this one as its 'remains in play' spells. Lee's been told and therefore lead me to believe that remains in play spells cast on a unit are lost if that unit flees. Untrue! Remains in play spells only disappear if: i) it is dispelled, ii) the wizard ends it or recasts it, iii) the wizard dies or flees the field.

Now armed with a better knowledge of the rules a Rematch has been declared!

And in a bit of dirty luck on my behalf it transpires that I'm lumbered with the Skink priest as my General for the Campaign, but it means I can now customise the Slann's choices depending on my opponent! Mwahahahahahaha!


  1. The problem with any game this size and with so many peoples opinions about them is that I highly doubt any game will ever go by without mistakes being made. I personally can't remember read rules well and learn best by doing, unfortunately this means I learn others mistakes too. As long as the game is played in a good spirit though and nothing deliberate goes on then I reckon everything works out in the end. Of course when you're finally comfortable with a ruleset GW go and change the dam thing again!

    1. I need like buttons in the comments section