Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wow! Just wow!

Seriously guys, a year already?  Who am I kidding, I know its been a year as our youngest turns one next week.
So, in 12 months have I managed to achieve my target of 5,000 pts of Orks min three coloured and based? No
Do I care? Not really, because I have knocked out 180 boyz inc nobz, 5 deffkoptas, a Weirdboy, a full lizardmen bloodbowl team, a full Mordheim skaven warband, some anglo-saxons for last year's Triples and two starter sets for Relics.  I've also done a ton of conversion work and started building some gaming tables and all that's just off the top of my head!
Anyway, raise a glass chaps, barring a couple of hiccups we've survived a year!
Mandatory pic time and, as I'm in Cornwall and away from my paints, you'll have to put up with some more scribblings.

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