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Painting for a Purpose part two

Well the models are seventy odd miles away from the camera so you're not getting pics. ;P

I've been in a signal dead zone since Sunday so not been able to post about Kieron's Campaign Day (99% of the country covered and the in-laws choose holiday locations in the 1%...) Fortunately, my brother in law has arrived with his 3 dongle and I've got an evening of internet!

I failed to hit my target of painting everything pink but did manage to field all models painted and based including the movement trays.

Anyway, onto the campaign:

1200 Pts - Lizardmen Roster - [b]Kieron's Comp List[/b]

Total Roster Cost: 1200

Slann Mage-Priest (1#, 300 pts)
. . [b]1 Slann Mage-Priest (Battle Standard Bearer)[/b], 300 pts = (base cost 275 + Battle Standard Bearer 25)

Temple Guard (10#, 250 pts)
. . [b]9 ~[(^One or more selected options present a potential usage conflict]×~[(#]Temple Guard[/b], 165 pts = 9 * 16 (base cost 16) + Musician Mus 7 + Standard Bearer Std 14
. . . . [b]1 Revered Guardian[/b], 30 pts
. . . . . . [i]1 Gold Sigil Sword[/i], 15 pts
. . . . [i]1 Sun Standard of Chotec[/i], 40 pts

Skink Priest (1#, 125 pts)
. . [b]1 Skink Priest[/b], 100 pts = (base cost 65 + Level 2 Upgrade 35)
. . . . [i]1 Terrifying Mask of Eee![/i], 25 pts

Skink Skirmishers (10#, 80 pts)
. . [b]10 Skink Skirmishers[/b], 80 pts = 10 * 8 (base cost 7 + Javelin & Shield 1)

Skink Skirmishers (10#, 80 pts)
. . [b]10 Skink Skirmishers[/b], 80 pts = 10 * 8 (base cost 7 + Javelin & Shield 1)

Skink Skirmishers (20#, 140 pts)
. . [b]20 Skink Skirmishers[/b], 140 pts = 20 * 7

Salamander (8#, 150 pts)
. . [b]2 Salamander Hunting Pack[/b], 150 pts = 2 * 75

Razordon (4#, 75 pts)
. . [b]1 Razordon Hunting Pack[/b], 75 pts

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 300 (0 - 300)
Points of Heroes: 125 (0 - 300)
Points of Core: 300 (300 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 250 (0 - 600)
Points of Rare: 225 (0 - 300)

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I was allied with Tomb Kings (Craig) and Vampire Counts (Wayne) in the easiest fudge Kieron could manage as the event could really have called Forces of Disorder.  The other allies were the green and brown tide, Tom and Steve's Orc forces and Stoo's Skaven and Total Chaos represented by Lee's Chaos Warriors, Kelly's Khorne Daemons and Andy's Beastmen.

First game saw me pitted against the beautifully painted Orcs of Steve Wren and I immediately realised the mistake I had made with the list; I'd taken Focused Rumination instead of Focus of Mystery and was therefore subject to the whims of the dice for the spells available to me.  I got Flesh to Stone but not Regrowth and in the end it proved my undoing.  After stupidly losing the Skink Priest to a chariot combat, as the damn thing was within 12" of the BSB and got to re-roll its failed Fear test, Steve ploughed through the other skink unit with the big block of Orcs and after catching them finished 3" away from the Temple Guard. Forced into the charge I had to keep casting Flesh to Stone and hoping for the best. Unfortunately it turned out that both units were Stubborn and although Steve needed 6's to wound the Temple Guard, the massive block of Orcs were making enough attacks to chip away at the unit and eventually they succumbed by the end of turn 4.  The Slann was in a dodgy position, locked in combat he kept casting Flesh to Stone and regaining a wound but at the end of my turn 6 he fell as I failed to make a single 4+ ward save against five wounds.  With the 4 remaining skinks and the solitary Salamander facing the charge this turn it was pretty much over.  Loss.

Second game- Blood or Glory against Lee.  I'm not complaining per se but given that Lee and I play fairly regularly and this was an opportunity to play people who I hadn't played in over a year I was pretty disappointed.  I judged this one poorly as I was confident Lee was running a very limited list.  I got first turn and declared a charge against one block of Chaos Warriors with the Terrifying Skink Priest, they failed their Panic test but passed it on the re-roll (Where did that come from Lee? You weren't running a BSB!) then threw everything forward to maximise the poison attacks, but as usual the dice let me down and although I came close to causing the warriors to take panic tests it just wasn't enough. Bad went to worse as the Haunted Mansion killed the Skink Priest and most of the blowpipe skirmishers and my plan for a quick finish evaporated.  Worse became distressing as the Slann then miscast and Lee Fetish'd it to the Str10 last blast which wiped out my Temple Guard (Seriously, ten dice and not a single 1???)  Regrowth was no use this game and once again the Slann lasted as long as he could before succumbing benefiting massively from the fact Lee had to challenge him each turn.  Result:  Massacred

Game 3- Tom and Orcs again.  Seriously? Anyway, this was probably my least enjoyable game, not just because of the little tiff Tom and I had (more on that later), but because: i) it was a damn min/max list ii) not that different to the list Steve fielded in my first game and iii) crappy deployment.
Anyway, Tom managed to get all his force straight on the board, I ended up with one unit in reserve and of course that was my Slann/Temple Guard.  Not having the solid Stubborn block available left me double guessing my deployment, but I didn't really screw up until my first turn where I threw everything forward and rolled abysmally.  Don't believe me?  

Tom took full advantage and rolled through unit after unit.  Whilst this was ongoing the Slann pulled his Miscast trick and annihilated the remaining Temple Guard before falling to the Gigantic Spider.  Anyway, I promised you details of the tiff and wow are they boring.  Turn 3 I moved the remaining skink unit to the flank of then entered into a discussion with Tom regarding the To Hit needed and stupidly forgot to complete the magic phase.  Tom then allowed me to go back and complete the phase but on my first casting effort I rolled triple one and Tom informed me that was a failed casting and ended my magic phase, I wasn't convinced but let it go for the moment. Whilst I checked the rule, Tom dispelled the Throne of Vines leaving the Shield of Thorns in effect but it didn't cause any wounds on the Gigantic Spider.  I then double checked the rule about minimum casting a found that I was right and needed I only needed the 3 to cast Awakening the Wood.  Tom agreed that we should restart the magic phase and easily dispelled the spell leaving me with three dice and nothing to cast, he then chose to dispel Shield of Thorns instead of Throne of Vines and complained that I had already resolved the Shield of Thorns when I then recast it and tried to roll the dice for its effect.

Like I said, least favourite game but in retrospect it was mainly because it was my second game against Orcs, I wouldn't have minded playing Tom if I hadn't already played Steve.

Final game was hilarious. A five-way battle featuring Orc, Orc, Chaos Warriors, Beastmen and Lizardmen.  Despite having to deploy last and facing Andy's Beastmen I was determined to cause as much mayhem before falling, to accomplish that I swapped out Lore of Life for the Lore of Heavens so I could pick and choose from all the spells. I managed to get off three Comets of Cassandora but my favourite moment was wind blasting a chariot into a Goblin fanatic.  Needless to say the first time I tried to cast anything I miscast and Lee was on hand to large blast template me again, bye-bye Temple Guard before the end of the first turn. This was because we were all completing each phase before moving onto the next, lots of mayhem as charges were counter-charged before the first blows were struck!  It made for a very interesting game and something I'd like to attempt again or even just in a one vs one.

Cheers Kieron, twas fun.

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