Sunday, 5 August 2012

Submitting to the powers of Chaos once again...

So 6th ed 40k is upon us and I played a very enjoyable game and a half against Jimbo.  We'll begin with the half:

Jimbo wanted to try out a 'broken' Nurgle Daemin/Ork gretchin allies list he'd found on t'web.  As always this proved to be a power gamers wishful thinking and completely illegal so Jim was stuffed by the end of turn two.  (Basically the guy had said to use Aura of Decay on the gretchin to feed Epidemius' Tally of Nurgle, but under the rules for allies you can't target them with a ranged attack)

The game proper; Jim brought out his much feared Vect/Eldred list, I brought a bastion with quad gun for 125pts, 500pts of Tau allies and 1125pts of Orks.  My main change from the TS list was fielding a unit of Lootas atop a now Open topped Battlewagon and dropping a unit of boys or two.

Result?  A draw but that was only because I threw away my Big Mek warlord by chasing everything with the battlewagon which was hilarious!  My favourite part of the entire game was when Jim caused the Battlewagon to lose two hull points on turn two and I repaired them on turn three because the battlewagon had 4 meks on board. LOL I did immensely.

Got to admit that now more than ever I don't want to see a new ork codex (a WD update like Daemons got yeah but definitely not a re-write)  ditto for Tau, update yes, re-write hell no!

Reason being Tau are once again competitive, rapid fire has been amended to be twice at half range instead of at 12" and Overwatch with rapidfire S5 weapons is not to be sniffed at!  On top of that Blacksun filter now gives all units nightvision even if only one model has one.  And finally, and most importantly in my game against Jim, vehicles now only need to suffer a certain number of glancing hits to be wrecked, S5 weaponry does that very, very well, so well in fact that Jim spent the entire game in his own deployment zone!

Which brings me onto my final point. Under 5th my Chaos Daemons Tzeentch list was fun, if a little unpredictable, on paper under 6th its going to be pretty much unstoppable!  My reasoning being:  the dirtiest thing in my list are anything fielding the Breath of Chaos, particularly the Flamers, any vehicle hit by the template suffers a glancing hit on a 4+, any infantry are killed on a 4+.  It was bad under 5th but having to roll on the damage table at -2 meant I was arsing about trying to kill a single vehicle for several turns. Not anymore, I can pretty much guarantee a wreck a turn and several on Jimbo's, 'no they're not a squadron', Viper pack.

2011 was the year of the Ork, 2012 will see Chaos rising!

Edit: forgot to say that with the WD update Flamers are now 2 wounds, initiative 4 and cheaper (go figure, mwahahahahaha!)

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  1. rich flamers have no save!! lol thats y their cheaper

    how can u get a wreck a turn ull get 1 then ill mow them down lol