Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Between Pillar and...


Don't be so surprised, it does happen on occasion. ;-)

Right, first things first... I'm off the meds which means I'm having up days and down days but overall I'm balancing more on the positive side. Yippee!

Point the second... I'm regretting blowing my birthday money on the Dark Vengeance boxset.  Well I'm not, but its yet more models that await the tender caress of a paint brush and I didn't get my home brewing project off the ground.

Conclusion?  I'm not buying any more models until I've painted what I have and really should sell some of those I don't use!

Well I doubt the selling bit is going to happen but painting wise, here's the mountain in full:

Lizardmen 3K+ repaint/finish for uniform Pink/Yellow colour scheme
Skaven Army from scratch (3 island of Blood sets)
Dwarf - pretty much from scratch (Skull Pass plus battalion and a few extras)

Loads of Orks left, but they require conversion work first (so last on list)
Chaos Daemons:  17 Pink Horrors, 15 Flamers, another Lord of Change, the Spawns I made three years ago, Complete the Soul Grinder and Daemon Princes.
IG:  2k plus of Infantry (including the gorgeous Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova as the Commissar Lord)
Tau: 1500pts
The Dark Vengeance Boxset

SpecialisPueri,  Britanan Company Sergeant Major, Orcnar Niwian,Vaettir Evocatour, Auxilium Concursus, Britanan Marksmen, Orcnar Grymann, Vaettir Elvspon, Britanan Highlanders, Orcnar Angilde, Vaettir Cwalu, Nuem Auxilium Sagittarius, Nuem Tormenta, Britanan Company Colour Party, Orcnar Spatga, Vaettir Cylod,6 Paenitent, 2 Dedicatus.

Then there's a bunch of Saga modeld


  1. Make your money back and sell the lot on eBay.
    It's what I did, nice to have a warm fuzzy feeling after buying GW shite ;)

  2. The Daemons are the early nineties stuff (bar the Soul Grinder and Daemon Prince), so as much I could get for them off ebay I know I'd be kicking myself if I sold them.

  3. I'm having a round of selling at the moment - the wife wants a new bed - and find that honestly asking yourself what you will and won't paint/use is really helpful. So, my 28mm ACW stuff has gone for a three figure sum and my 40k Orks are on the way too (must sell the codex before it's replaced).

    Seriously, ditch one of the WFB armies (two gives you enough so that you don't get bored) and at least one of the 40k armies. You'll feel a lot better about it.

    I'd suggest the Skaven (due to sheer workload) and the Tau (because they look shit).

  4. My problem is running the School club... I'm getting closer but haven't committed to losing anything yet, problem is I still regret selling off a Blood Angels and a Speed Freaks army.