Monday, 24 September 2012

Grrr - Me do man things

Well yet another day of not painting, but hey ho.  Instead I've been manly-man-man and repaired the exhaust  on the car and tightened the handbrake cable. Wish I'd taken photos as it turned out to be quite a DIY project.

For starters, the exhaust has been blowing for a while and last week I bought everything I thought I'd need i.e. Exhaust Repair Bandage from Motor World and Chemical Metal. Then I got the car on the ramps to find that the back box had actually separated and the pipe was broken.  Time for some DIY, Remove the offending back box and clean up the pipe, take one can of Carling and empty the contents down the drain (Well, I'm not drinking that crap!) then use the Dremel to slice off either end and run a cut up the middle.  Roll the can tight enough to slip it into the pipe and mix up some Chemical metal to seal it in place and fill any remaining holes. Apply a thick layer of Chemical metal to the protruding Carling can and replace the back box, taking care to slip the protruding end into the other half of the pipe.

Whilst that is setting, use the dremel on a soup tin and then wrap the split tin around the break.  Apply more chemical metal to seal it shut and hold in place with tie-wraps (Jubilee clips would have been better but didn't have any).  More chemical metal onto the edges of the foil wrap then hold the whole job in place with wire (the instructions say to put the wire on last but bollocks to that)

Finally, wrap the entire assembly with the supplied resin strip.

One repaired exhaust for the princely sum of under £10, plus a Carling can and a soup tin.

Handbrake cable was easy after that as it only needed adjusting, but it looks like one of the callipers has died a death and I'm buggered it I'm going to arse around  replacing that bugger.

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