Monday, 24 September 2012

Mantic - Games - Workshop

Here's a question for you:  Are we becoming less discerning of our miniatures and will multi-part kits become a thing of the past?

After a steady start Mantic Games are now leaping and bounding, due in the main to their Kickstarter drives and some damn fine business sense, but and its a big BUT, there's not a great deal of variety in their sculpts nor is there a fantastic amount of detail. The armies are designed to be cheap(ish), put together quickly, sprayed with a coloured undercoat, base coloured and dipped.  Minimum fuss to get the models from the sprue and onto the table.

In contrast, GW miniatures are becoming more and more ornate and expensive, its actually bordering on criminal to give these models the same paint treatment we'd inflict on the Mantic stuff.  Where has that mentality come from?

Personally, I'm wondering if its because I'm getting older, but then again I'd do the same as the Mantic to the Warlord Vikings and Saxons or even my beloved Lizardmen and Ork armies.  A quick paint job (nothing nasty though), based and jobs done.

The GW models are begging me to be creative, to indulge a whim and go to town on every single one of them.  The new Dark Vengeance box-set proves there they can mass produce high quality and dynamic snap fit models, so if this is possible on in a starter box-set do we still need the infinitely customisable miniatures?

A final case in point... how many of us convert minis and, with the tools now available to us and the increase of easily sculpted materials, would complete torso/legs (even full models) actually be that much of an issue to us?  Swap an arm here, a head there and the unit quickly comprises unique individuals. Add something slightly different in the paint job and two identical units suddenly gain their own personality.

So does this mean we can expect a return to the good old days of quick to paint minis, the sad lament of the lazy converter or a happy medium?

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