Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Where'd he go?

Apparently changing your Domain means losing readers, oh well. LOL

Only joking, but in case the links don't automatically update I've made a new blog using the old address to with details of the new address.  This is actually as bad as moving house!

Anyway, you may be asking why the change?  The answer is personal and has bugger all to do with wargaming so if that's not your cup of tea, feel free to stop reading now.

For those who remain;

Long term readers will know I set up the blog as a way of regaining some mental stability by having a focus to concentrate on hobbies and have some relaxation time, hence the title Crumbling Foundations. In the short term it worked, in the long term not so much as it became yet another burden and I ended up back on anti-depressants.

Well I'm off the damn medication now and I've come to realise there was nothing ever wrong with the foundations of my character, I am and always will be who I am.  No-one's perfect and so I'm developing strategies to weed that perfectionism out of my system, good enough will do as its still well above average. ;-)

So Crumbling Foundations is gone, in its place is a much loved Biscuit's Box.  It might be getting old and showing signs of wear and tear, but it still bloody well doing its job by keeping the good stuff fresh and occasionally, just occasionally, you'll find something delicious hiding in there.


  1. Bravo sir! Always wondered about the meaning of the previous title...

  2. Thank you sir. Congratulations on managing to post something with the newborn. ;)