Sunday, 14 October 2012

Garage day washout...

... not entirely but the raucous gaming of previous Garage Days was decidedly absent today.  Of the ten players who gave a yes, we had a total of five and a maximum of four at any one time at that.

Still fun was had.  Mark, Martyn and I held a winner stays on BB7's tourney last night after setting up the garage and after losing my first game to Martyn through insufficient players on the pitch (5 players KO'd and I only needed 2 to wake up!), I managed to turn it around and beat Mark's Dwarfs 3-1 then Martyn 3-2 in our rematch.  By then though it was closing on 2am and we headed for kip.

First game of today was a rematch of my Tzeentch Daemons against Jimbo's 1850pt Chaos Space Marines, I played them on Thursday and wiped out all his models bar the Rhinos.  Today, I fubar'd and handed him the victory, firstly by forgetting to move and shoot with a critical unit then topping it off by ending the game on turn 5 by rolling a 2.

Jim then played Will at Project Pandora and fell in love with it (for a boardgame), whilst I built the Garden of Morr and Mark got up to speed with 40k and decided on his new BB team.

We ended the evening with a demo of Relics using the Ver:1.0 rules and the Britanan and Orcnar starter sets, Will liked it, Jim didn't.  To paraphrase in response to my question why?:  "Rolling for initiative is wrong, your opponent can go first three times in a row. I don't like the I activate a unit, you activate a unit system. Rolling doubles makes no sense."  And I had such high hopes as he was enjoying Project Pandora so much.

Oh well.

Project for the day

Garden of Morr, enjoy!  I've magnetised the gates as they're a bit flimsy. Also means I can have them open or closed.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Here's part 2

First up, part two of the Biscuits Box Youtube videos:

I like this format, as its much easier than repeatedly trying to get good pictures and failing!

Secondly, I lost again at WFB.  I played a 2k game with my Lizardmen against Mark's Chaos Marauder army and managed to fail lots of leadership tests. Add in atrocious Winds of Magic rolls for both of us and its nuff said really.

Hope my luck changes for the 40k challenge I'm hosting in the garage next Sunday...

Monday, 1 October 2012

Trying something new...

Yeah, so we all know my camera is crap at taking pictures, so I thought I'd try a video instead.
Same camera, different setting.