Sunday, 14 October 2012

Garage day washout...

... not entirely but the raucous gaming of previous Garage Days was decidedly absent today.  Of the ten players who gave a yes, we had a total of five and a maximum of four at any one time at that.

Still fun was had.  Mark, Martyn and I held a winner stays on BB7's tourney last night after setting up the garage and after losing my first game to Martyn through insufficient players on the pitch (5 players KO'd and I only needed 2 to wake up!), I managed to turn it around and beat Mark's Dwarfs 3-1 then Martyn 3-2 in our rematch.  By then though it was closing on 2am and we headed for kip.

First game of today was a rematch of my Tzeentch Daemons against Jimbo's 1850pt Chaos Space Marines, I played them on Thursday and wiped out all his models bar the Rhinos.  Today, I fubar'd and handed him the victory, firstly by forgetting to move and shoot with a critical unit then topping it off by ending the game on turn 5 by rolling a 2.

Jim then played Will at Project Pandora and fell in love with it (for a boardgame), whilst I built the Garden of Morr and Mark got up to speed with 40k and decided on his new BB team.

We ended the evening with a demo of Relics using the Ver:1.0 rules and the Britanan and Orcnar starter sets, Will liked it, Jim didn't.  To paraphrase in response to my question why?:  "Rolling for initiative is wrong, your opponent can go first three times in a row. I don't like the I activate a unit, you activate a unit system. Rolling doubles makes no sense."  And I had such high hopes as he was enjoying Project Pandora so much.

Oh well.

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