Monday, 19 November 2012

Been busy...

...making videos.

Don't know if this is going to be a permanent move but I'm spending more time making YouTube videos than I am writing blog posts.

Here are the lastest:

In other news, I had a very busy week and got passes for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights!  

Unbelievable I know.

Monday saw five tired blokes arguing over Cthulu mythos in a RPG of the same, didn't come to punches but frustrations were showing.

Wednesday was a polar opposite, Matt made a welcome return after dispensing his 'new father' duties and provided hilarity in a game that could have been written for him: Paranoia
Now I'm not saying Matt is a naturally paranoid person, but were I to find myself in Alpha complex I'd be careful of his gifted gab.  Wayne's character was forced to report for voluntary euthanasia within the first three minutes of the mission starting proper, all he did was question the quality of the tools provided...

Thursday saw another game of Relics against Will, this time with the second scenario from the campaign pack.  Foregoing his usual synergy, Will opted to grab as many Shards as possible which proved a mistake.  My revised list made short work of several units but just as I thought I'd got the game in the bag, the dice abandoned me.
I rolled a 4D6 followed by three 3D6 rolls against four units with a single shot from the Tormenta and failed to score a single double.  The trend continued and in a shoot-out between three Auxilium Sagittarius and two Cylod I lost four Sagittarius (The math isn't wrong, I repaired the unit not that it did any good).
End of the game, a guaranteed win turned into a draw.


  1. Friend Computer is our friend!

    I loved Paranoia, as you say the game could have been written for me. Such a simple premise, but we all knew exactly what was happening (assume I was trying to kill you and you wouldn't be far wrong) within half an hour of starting.

    Since Kieron wants to GM other things, I might see if I can take on the Paranoia GM role myself in future...

    1. Hang on. You running it would require you to know the rules...

      ...that's above your clearance Citizen. Please report for termination.

    2. But once I'm GMing, you'll be in some real trouble.

      Actually I did some reading about it (well, a previous member of my clone family did, and was then executed for investigating things above his clearance level), and I might get the more recent XP version of the book at some point. It seems like the plot is slightly different, so you wouldn't have a complete advantage by already knowing things about the background.

  2. I wish I hadn't missed the cthulhu night ;)
    I think this ran it's course after 2 sessions :(